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Escalator Safety Brushes


Safety Brushes Components

Brush Section - An innovative non-metallic brush slides easily into the brush holder. Easy removal and insertion of the brush section improves the ease of maintenance.

Brush Holder - A rigid aluminum profile with the oxidation film finish, single row or double rows is avaiable.

End Caps - A low friction, aluminum design secured by a tamper proof screw.


Physical Characteristics

Brushes are flagged to provide a softer contact surface for riders and their clothing.
Brushes are pitched downward to discourage the retention of liquids and other contaminants along the brush surface.
The leading edge of the brushes is chamfered to create a 90 degree orientation to the step surface.
Highly durable and weather resistant and antirust.

Unique flexible designs allow transition curves to be formed on-site.
Product is supplied to exact length and ready for quick mounting on escalator.


Installation procedure is simple with clear and easy to follow instructions.
Average installation time is about two hours for average rise escalator.
Unlike competitive products, Liftop escalator safety brush is supplied ready to install when removed from the shipping box.

The best installing position of Liftop escalator safety brush is about 5mm ahead of the combs of the entrance of escalator, to install the brushes on the both sides of the balustrades, and cover the gap between the moving step and the balustrade, the installing height should be 50mm above of the step of the escalator entrance.


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